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Terms & Conditions

By registering with JUST US CHILDCARE & ELDERCARE SERVICES either verbally or though written instruction you agree to be bound by the following Terms & Conditions of Business.


  1. Our role as an agency is to outsource care providers, arrange interviews for you to meet the care providers and subsequently provide services on a regular or short term basis. You are responsible to provide accurate information about your requirement before you decide to engage a care provider’s service through our agency.  Our agency will look at each registered care provider’s profile and aim to provide information to enable a successful match. However, you should be aware that our agency does not have the resources to check the correctness of the qualifications and experience professed to be possessed by registered caregivers, who have offered their services.
  2. Our Care Providers are self-employed, independent contractors who provide their services through our agency, at a contract price agreeable by both parties (Agency & Care Provider). There is no employee-employer relationship between the agency and the caregivers. We do not charge any fee whatsoever to any care providers.
  3. Our service fee to our clients includes our agency fee covering you with suitable replacement at any one time, back up services during the booking period of service and the care provider’s fee. All payment due to the care provider will be paid directly by our agency. Clients wishing to have the nanny “try out” on the job it can be arranged at a fee.


  1. If the client does not need the care provider to report in for a particular day/period or if the client is leaving for a short holiday, the care provider has to be paid for those days she is not required to report in. Reason being, the care provider is required to be on standby for the respective client and she is not allowed to take up any new assignments or leave during the waiting period.
  2. When a care provider does not report in for assignment, that is if she is unwell or is on an urgent leave, the agency shall assign you with a temporary back up care provider, if required and subject to availability. For the days that we are unable to provide you with a replacement or if you do not require a backup for that day, the care provider will pay back the days of service, which will be brought forward in the next invoicing.


  1. Our care provider details are strictly confidential and you must not pass on details to any other person. If you do pass on details of a nanny introduced by us to another family or person, you agree to pay a penalty fee of S$1000.00.
  2. You must notify our agency, immediately once you decide to engage the service of a respective care provider and no direct dealing is allowed. If you are found to have engaged the care provider’s services without notifying our company you are liable to pay our company a one time off penalty fee of S$2000.00.
  3. In the case of a care provider who is initially engaged by a client on a temporary basis and subsequently becomes permanent even by verbal agreement between both parties, JUST US must be informed.


  1. Upon accepting a booking, an invoice will be email to you for a deposit fee payable to our agency to secure the care provider whom you have confirmed. The balance payment, less the paid deposit, is payable one day before commencement of service. Deposit paid is non-refundable. Payment is to be made through internet banking, ATM or bank transfer. Our bank details will be indicated in the invoice. Prepayment is made upon commencement of service so that our service is guaranteed.
  2. You are not allowed to pay the nanny directly even in relation to additional services (which the care provider is not oblige to provide unless specifically requested as part of our package). Any additional services must be notified to the agency.


  1. Work permit application for Malaysian care providers under the confinement work permit or domestic work permit, will be processed by our agency at a fee.


  1. Termination of service, for long term assignment, will be by either party giving at least one (1) month’s advance notice in writing. The time frame is required so that we have ample time to either find you a replacement or to find a new assignment for our care provider.
  2. Should the client decide to terminate the nanny’s services while on assignment, without wanting to give a reason OR do not want a replacement after the termination, the client is liable to make full payment, upon termination or there will not be any refund if payment has been made. The full payment is according to the service period engaged during confirmation of hire
  3. If a care provider breaks her contract of service we will not be responsible for any losses you suffer but we will do our best to find you a replacement. If you do not need a replacement, in such circumstances our fees will not be refunded or the full balance payment is due to be paid (less deposit if paid), to our company if prepayment has not been made by you. Unless we are not able to find you a replacement, the paid fees will be pro-rated and refunded to you accordingly.
  4. If a client, terminates the services within 48 hours before service commence, or after confirming a booking, the client is liable to pay 50% of the total fee agreed for the first month’s service, less the deposit if paid earlier.


  1. Prior to the commencement of services, if we are unable to provide the nanny you have requested due to circumstances beyond our control, for instance, if the nanny cancels the engagement or due to personal reasons, then we will endeavor to find a suitable replacement for you.
  2. If we are unable to provide with a replacement care provider, then we will reimburse the deposit paid by you.


  1. We accepts no liability or responsibility for the inaccuracy or falseness of information provided to us by registrants or registered users and you agree to indemnify our agency for all and any liability to which our agency may be exposed by reason of any information supplied to you by our agency, being inaccurate or false. We cannot guarantee the suitability of any care provider assigned to you and we will not be liable for the acts or omissions of the care provider, therefore you are advised to make sure you are satisfied with the care provider after the interview and before the engagement of our services.
  2. Our agency accepts no responsibility for any loss, expense or damage to property or personals arising directly or indirectly from any registered care provider sourced by you using our services.
  3. We will not be liable to you for any indirect, special or consequential loss you may suffer arising out of or in connection with the provision of any services pursuant to these terms. Indirect, special or inconsequential loss means losses such as loss of profit, lost opportunity or lost reputation.
  4. If a care provider abandons her duties during her service, we will not be responsible for any losses you suffer.
  5. Nothing in these terms will exclude our liability for death or personal injury arising as a result of our negligence.
  6. You are not entitled to withhold payment of any sum otherwise payable to us by reason of any claims set off or for damages.