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Our IN-HOME CHILDCARE & ELDERCARE SERVICES are quality Home Care Services, bringing together more than 20 years of experience in the management of this field.

Our services are flexible ranging from a min of 4 hours per session to 24 hours live-in. We offer a full range of childcare & eldercare options and services are provided on ad-hoc or casual basis, temporary or permanent basis, for an indefinite period.

We have an extensive database of qualified and experienced Care Providers, newly qualified care providers and unqualified mothers or singles but most of whom are mums themselves with plenty of childcare experiences but no formal qualifications. They are mainly Singaporeans, Malaysians and PR only Our Care Providers are contract staffs who work on freelance basis with our agency. They are paid directly by Just Us Childcare & Eldercare Services.

Our Care Providers are contract staffs who work on freelance basis with our agency. They are paid directly by Just Us Childcare & Eldercare Services.


Live-in or Live-out, Permanent or Temporary, Full Time or Part Time


A Governess concentrates on the intellectual and social development of your child and she is normally available to travel with the family. She is responsible for overseeing your children and their upbringing, and the many aspects of your child’s education. A governess has minimal responsibility for housekeeping and cleaning, other than related to children. She is a private teacher/tutor/mentor for school aged children, concentrates on the intellectual and social development of your child.

A Professional Nanny is one who is qualified & trained in Infant Care or in Early Childhood Education, having attended first-aid training and had previous or relevant working experiences in childcare. In additional to the ‘Nursery Duties’ as mentioned above, her duties also includes organizing Creative Activities, outings & educational field trips, reading to the child and even helping with school homework.

A Preschool Teacher conducts creative activities such as art & craft, music & movements, story telling, preschool science and even teaching phonics, English or Mandarin, if required. Our Preschool Teachers also provide evenings & weekends babysitting services.

A Confinement Nanny is an experienced nanny who offers complete Confinement Care of the mother and the newborn baby. She is specialize in helping the mother to establish a suitable feeding routine, guidance of breast & bottle-feeding, baby care – including bathing, umbilical cleaning, burping & settling, ensuring cleanliness of the baby’s room, simple nursing care of the mother advising on suitable diet, buying groceries, cooking of confinement meals for the mother and ensuring the mother gets as much rest as possible throughout her stay.

A Baby Nurse takes complete care of your newborn. The primary function of your baby nurse is to provide assistance in your home from post-delivery recovery to transitioning your newborn to a regular schedule and a daily routine. Baby nurses provide assistance and knowledge with feeding, bathing, dressing, diapering, cord and circumcision care and preparation of formula/bottles and /or breastfeeding. Baby nurse is not responsible for household duties (except for things that relate to the new baby).

A Night Nanny comes to your home for an initial assessment of your child’s sleep routines, working in with the requirements of your family. You can explain the usual routine of the baby and whether you want her to follow this or implement changes i.e. drop night feeds, offer water, etc or to ask the nanny’s advice on your child’s feeding/sleep routines. The Night Nanny usually works a standard shift from 10pm-7am attending to your child’s needs throughout the night, changing and establishment of regular sleeping routine to help your family get a good night sleep. Her duties would include settling baby to sleep, feeding, changing of nappies and to sterilize and prepare bottles.

A Nanny is employed by a family in either a live-in or live-out basis. The function of a nanny is to essentially be responsible for all care of the children in the home in a largely unsupervised setting. Duties are typically focused on childcare and any household chores or tasks related to the children. A nanny may or may not have any formal training; however, many have significant actual experience. The Nanny might offer her services such as helping out with the family laundry, vacuuming, errand running and washing the dishes.

A Nanny Share is where two families split the cost of employing the same nanny in one or separate households. Whichever home is designated for the nanny to report to work is considered the "host" home. A nanny-share can be offered on a part-time, full-time, live-in or live-out basis.

A Mother's Helper essentially helps out a stay-at-home parent (often the Mother) or a family needing extra help while they are home. This is a good option for a stay at home mum who does not require a nanny but needs an extra pair of hands. A Mother's Helper mostly works under some supervision to handle all aspects of child care, errands, easy meal preparation and light house work. The role is different than that of a babysitter or a nanny.A mother’s help may do laundry, ironing and tidy up the house BUT would not usually do heavy cleaning. She works alongside the parents, and helping children in their daily routines and assisting in the general smooth running of the house.

A Babysitter's primary responsibility is to care for the child, including entertaining the child, making sure the child is fed according to parents' instructions, and generally providing for the well-being of the child/children. Unlike a Nanny, a Babysitter’s responsibilities typically do not extend to other household and extensive child-related responsibilities (e.g., there is usually no light housekeeping, meal preparation, transporting children, running errands, etc. involved). Such additional responsibilities may certainly be discussed, prior booking, but are not typically part of their job description.

Our On-Call Babysitters are available for daycare closures, sick children, fill-in for an absent nanny, date night or any other temporary coverage need. Our temporary babysitters/nannies can be booked for a day, an evening, or an overnight, with a three (3) hours minimum.

A Hotel Babysitter makes sure your children have as much fun as you do next time you stay at any hotel or resort in Singaporea. We provide childcare services to hotel & resort guests any day of the week, any time of day. Our sitters have all been rigorously screened using the same process as our full-time, professional nannies.

A Special Needs Nanny caters for families with special needs children. We have qualified and highly experienced special needs nannies who alongside with other professionals: speech, physio, and occupational therapists, teachers etc.

An Overnight Nanny can help you in many ways: a newborn who needs feeding, a toddler with a poor sleep pattern or simply for parents who need to be away for the night. The nannies would be expected to settle your child(ren) for bed, bathing, dressing, feeding, story time etc, and then see to all their needs throughout the night. In the morning, the nanny can assist with either breakfast or dressing routine.

Our service can make it easier for traveling families, offering parents peace of mind, knowing that their children are taken care of by nannies who genuinely love children. Our nanny will share a room with a child. It is the responsibility of the family to pay for the nanny’s flight, accommodation, meals, travelling insurance and day to day expenses will be provided by you.

During an event, our care provider can baby-sit in a private home, in a hotel or at a catering hall. Whatever works best for you and your guests. If you’ve invited family and friends for a wedding, private party or function, we can help. Whether you need care for just one child or a group, for a night or over the course of a weekend, our fun and experienced nannies will keep your guests’ children comfortable and entertained during your event.

An Eldercare main responsibility is to care for another individual in a private home. Also known as a home health aide, elder care companion, or personal care attendant, a Professional Caregiver assists someone recovering from surgery, an elderly person who needs assistance with the activities of daily living, or a person with a chronic condition who requires help with personal care and companionship. Professional Caregivers are available on a live-in or live-out basis, as well as short term and long term. This level of care is appropriate for any individual needing assistance in maintaining independence in daily living. A Professional Caregiver assists with the client’s daily activities.

Duties generally include:

  • Companionship and conversation
  • Accompanying to appointments and social events
  • Errands
  • Grocery shopping
  • Light housekeeping
  • Preparing meals
  • Medication reminders
  • Assistance with bathing and grooming
  • Driving
  • Assistance with mobility

A Personal Assistant offers personalized support to the family and/or individual they support. Responsibilities will often include making travel arrangements, organizing events/engagements, running errands, managing appointments/calendar, making reservations, placing orders, answering/returning calls, and many other similar administrative/clerical/support duties.

A Chauffeur provides personal services for family on part time or full time basis.